​Frequently Asked Questions:

What can I expect during an In Home Consultation?
We will visit with you in your home and take a look at the areas you are concerned with. We will then create an action plan for organizing your home. If you decide to use our organization services, we sign a contract stating the work dates/times and the specific tasks to be completed.  

How are consultation fees handled?

Upon signing a contract we collect a $75 non-refundable deposit which will be applied to your final balance.

How do I prepare for your visit?
Your first instinct may be to clean BEFORE we see your home. Please understand that this is counter-productive. We need to see your home in its true state - messy, cluttered, or disorganized. We promise, we will not judge you! One thing you can do in preparation for your professional organization consultation is to think about your end goal. What do you hope to gain from your
work with CLUTTER, MD? 

Will I feel pressured to get rid of things?
We will work side by side with you and you will be involved in decisions. Our goal is to organize the things that are valuable to you and your family. Part of our work will involve helping you decide the difference between things to keep and things you no longer want or need. We will work with you to ensure you have a positive professional organization experience.

Do you publicize your work with me?
CLUTTER, MD will never disclose the names of our clients. We want to protect your privacy. We may ask for your written permission to publish photos of the organization work we do in your home. If written permission is granted, your name/location will never be used.

Meet the "MD"- Marsha and Dionne


Marsha and Dionne established Clutter, MD in 2012 following retirement from teaching. They draw on a wealth of organizing experience gained from parenting, teaching, coaching & creating organized spaces in homes and schools.  Their certification as Cognitive Coaches is a unique asset which enables them to address not just your clutter, but how to make cognitive changes to maintain newly organized spaces. To summarize, Clutter, MD loves organizing and helping people with an affordable option for professional organization!

Clutter, MD Professional Organizers