"My dad just called me to thank me for getting you to help him.  He's excited about next week. Yay! And thank you!"  ~J.M.

"I wanted to let you know that your visit really changed my sister's life. She is really on board with everything you taught her and her husband can't wait to have you back out to their house to tackle some of the more daunting projects."  ~R.H.

"Absolutely amazing job done by the Clutter MD ladies!  100% satisfied.  I would highly recommend them to anyone."  ~ K.M.

"At my initial meeting I was put at ease and I am amazed at the transformation in my home. I would highly recommend anyone who needs house organization to contact Clutter, MD."

~ L.M.                    

"Your arrangement of my deceased brother's highly disorganized papers and photos, etc., was better than I could have hoped for. Even the most meticulous person could benefit from your services and I will highly recommend you!  Thank you for your prompt assistance during our family's painful time!" ​~ M.S.                                               

Clutter, MD Professional Organizers

"The organizers arrived on time for each day and the time estimate they provided was accurate.  They also had plans and materials ready for the days we spent organizing.  During the estimate stage, they had numerous tips and suggestions.  I was extremely happy with the finished project - they even provided before and after photos.  I would highly recommend!" ~K.F. 

"Due to your services, and my continuing efforts, I was able to easily find and use Christmas stickers, gifts bags, note cards and gifts purchased several years ago.  I saved money, frustration, and cleared out a little more space. Thanks so much!" ~ A.E.

"Wow! When we started, you couldn't even see the floor of the room, because all the items from the closets, shelves, and tables in the room next door had been added to it. It went from total chaos to a functional room that is visually appealing.  I am really proud to say this is my classroom now. Before I called Clutter MD, I thought I would spend my whole summer vacation trying to put my classroom back together.  Now, after two afternoons with their help at school, I can enjoy my summer!" ~ S.S.

"I work with nurses and doctors all the time.  But I must say that Dionne and Marsha have some precise 'surgeon' skills with excising all the clutter!!  Thank you again for your expertise!!" 

~ J.L.

 Clutter, MD Project Photos