Home/Office/Classroom Decluttering & Organizing

We begin with a consultation during which we will create an organization plan based on client need.  On the scheduled day, we work alongside the client to declutter and organize the space.  Clients are included in the process every step of the way and will be involved in all the decision-making.


     Packing & Unpacking Assistance

We can assist clients with packing and labeling boxes, unpacking belongings and organizing them in the new space, and helping with the transition of downsizing your home. Moving into a new house or out of your current home can be stressful. We can help relieve the workload with professional boxing or unpacking, labeling and organizing your stuff in your new space.


     Supplies/Materials Shopping

We can recommend organizational supplies when needed.  Clients may request that Clutter, MD shop for and purchase supplies or materials for a project.  The client will be responsible for the cost of all purchases.  


When you hire Clutter, MD you are hiring a team of TWO professional organizers

who collaborate and complete twice the amount of work of most organizers.  In other words,

Clutter, MD provides the equivalent of 6 hours of organizing during a 3 hour session!


    ORGANIZATION: 3 hour session with two organizers = $295


          *Additional $100 per job may apply for unfinished basements, attics, garages

           *Additional $100 per job may apply for lifting heavy objects

           and/or carrying objects up and down stairs

    PACKING / UNPACKING: 3 hour session with two organizers = $280

           *Packing supplies fee is additional        


Clutter, MD Professional Organizers